Musical Crabmates

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Musical Crabmates
Musical Crabmates
Musical Crabmates
Musical Crabmates
Musical Crabmates
Musical Crabmates
Musical Crabmates
Musical Crabmates

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Happy Crabmates: Where Joyful Play Meets Intelligent Fun!

Step into a world of interactive play with Crabmates – the ultimate electric crawling toy that brings boundless joy and intelligent engagement to both babies and pets.

With its innovative design and captivating features, Crabmates is your ticket to endless hours of laughter, exploration, and companionship.


The crawling Crabmates uses cutting-edge infrared sensor technology that mimics human-like intelligence. When faced with an obstacle, it seamlessly changes direction, creating an illusion of smart decision-making – just like a human!

This intelligent movement sparks curiosity, ensuring that both your little one and furry friend are always on their toes, exploring the world around them.



The interactive design of Crabmates ensures a safe and engaging playtime for children and pets alike. Watch as their faces light up with wonder as they interact with this charming crawling companion.


The motion sensor technology inside Crabmates comes to life with a simple touch, providing mental and physical stimulation for pets and babies. Engaging interactive play helps nurturing a sense of calm and happiness.


The flexible movements of Crabmates are specially designed to captivate and encourage babies to crawl and pets to chase. As they follow the playful motions, their coordination skills improve, enhancing both their motor skills and hand-eye coordination.


The mesmerizing display stimulates sensory development, offering a feast for the senses that both babies and pets will adore.


Whether it's the joyous laughter of children or the playful antics of pets, Crabmates is a cherished companion in the journey of growing, learning, and exploring.


Material: 100% Non-toxic, Tasteless, Safe for Babies
Features: Rechargeable with USB cable, No Sharp Edges, BPA FREE
Random Color


"Best Gift to My Babies."

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