Power Bubble Cleaning Spray

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Power Bubble Cleaning Spray
Power Bubble Cleaning Spray
Power Bubble Cleaning Spray
Power Bubble Cleaning Spray
Power Bubble Cleaning Spray
Power Bubble Cleaning Spray

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Revolutionize Your Cleaning Routine with this Foaming Heavy Oil Stain Cleaner!

Ordinary detergent can not clean heavy oil stains. Manual scraping is time-consuming, laborious, and easy to scratch utensils.

Our Foaming Heavy Oil Stain Cleaner will help you solve the problem easily. It is the easiest way to clean all kinds of kitchen stains. Just spray, wipe, and your kitchen will be clean as new!

Car Interior Cleaner brings you back brand new, clean fresh car interior- just like the day you bought it.

It has a very rich foam, no sticky hands and easy to clean.

It removes stuck-on dirt, dust, fingerprints and any unwanted stain while leaving a non-greasy & matte finish. It also contains superior UV protection that prevents fading, discoloration and cracking from harmful UV rays that last for 3 months.



Effective in combating kitchen stains from grease, heavy oil stains, burn marks, scorch, stubborn dirt, coffee, wine, and more.


Suitable for cleaning pots, pans, stove tops, pot bottoms, floors, sinks, faucets, tiles, kitchen ventilators, sofas, shoes, and more. Makes all objects as clean as new, regardless of material!


Effortless to use: Just spray, wipe, and your items will be clean as new!
Say goodbye to the hassle of cleaning the kitchen.


Water-based cleaner that transforms into foam with just water. No need for rinsing after cleaning.


Non-toxic, odorless, eco-friendly, and non-corroding. Removes stuck-on dirt and leaves a non-greasy, dry & matte finish with no odor.


A universal cleaning solution for all your surfaces. Effective on fabric, canvas, finished leather, PVC, glass, vinyl, plastic, rubber, metals, wood, gel coat, steering wheels, stereos, dashboards, door panels, center consoles and more!


  1. Directly spray the interior cleaner on the desired area.
  2. Use a towel or sponge to wipe until the stain is removed.
  3. No rinsing is required. Just wipe away the foam with a towel after cleaning.

Net content: 30ml / 1.02oz
To remove stuck-on dirt, dust, fingerprints and any unwanted stains. To keep your car fresh.

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