Translucent Sticky Notes

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Translucent Sticky Notes
Translucent Sticky Notes
Translucent Sticky Notes
Translucent Sticky Notes
Translucent Sticky Notes
Translucent Sticky Notes
Translucent Sticky Notes

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Take Your Notes to the Next Level with this Translucent Sticky Notes!

See How this Translucent Sticky Notes helps them in daily life:

"Are you tired of flipping through your recipe book and losing your place? These translucent sticky notes are the perfect solution! They're perfect for me to stick and jotting down ingredient lists, substitutions, or recipe variations."

- Katherine, housewife

"As a teacher, I'm always looking for ways to help my students stay organized and focused. These translucent sticky notes are a game-changer! They're perfect for underlining and highlighting key points in textbooks without damaging the page. Plus, they're easy to write on with any pen type. Now I'm leaving notes in student notebooks or textbooks without permanently marking the page."

- Jonathan, teacher

Efficiently Manage Your Tasks with the Help of Translucent Sticky Notes!

Features & Benefits

  • High transparency to see through the surface beneath
  • Does not leave marks or residues onto the adhered surface
  • Can be written on smoothly with various pen types without smudging, pooling ink or bleeding through

  • As a tracing paper or a temporary bookmark for your projects
  • Suitable for pens, pencils, markers, highlighters, sharpies, oil-based markers, ball-point pens, colored pencils, and more
  • Powerful back adhesion that stays firmly fixed on the surface without causing damage


  • Can be quickly removed or re-positioned cleanly anytime when needed

  • Applicable for annotating books, magazines, notebooks, documents, files, calendars, planners, leaving reminders on doors, fridge, tables, counters, lunch boxes, cabinets, windows, computers, laptops, walls, and more

  • Made of paper and PET, sticks securely, removes cleanly, sturdy and firm for long term use
  • Designed with 6 different colors: white, red, yellow, orange, blue and green, enough for you to choose according to your personal preference, different moods and occasions

Usage Tips

1. Use with ballpoint pens, fine-tipped markers, or other writing utensils suitable for the surface.

2. Avoid using felt-tip pens, as they may bleed through the surface.

3. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Material: PET
Size: 75 x 75mm (50/150 sheets)
Suitable For: Student, teacher, homemaker, designer, officer, journalist, parents
Colors: Random Color
Benefit: Write and Highlight Without Marking Your Books.
Experience Clarity and Convenience.

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